Trip advisor review: Starbucks Victor Hugo, 90 avenue Victor Hugo, 75116, Paris, France, Virginia Woolf, East Sussex, United Kingdom

£6.95 is a rip off, but I’m a sucker for a Grande Caramel Macchiato, especially after getting soaked in the Marais. Read my story, Trip Advisor review, in the Nov 2022 Great Festival Flash Off Writing Challenge (Runner Up)

The Happy Baby in And We Lived Happily Ever After, National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2022

“The happy baby dances his way out of the womb, grin-shuffling on my stomach. Tipping his hat, expecting an encore. He gets a part in an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.” Read my flash fiction story in the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2022 here

What To Do If A Tree Falls On My House

Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning and rain and wind and war, wallops the scarlet oak, grizzled old-man-bark groaning. Read my flash fiction story ‘What To Do If A Tree Falls On My House’ in Canopy, an anthology of writing for the Urban Tree Festival 2022

The Chalk Walk OS Explorer map 143

Walking with a boy in the chalk hills of Wiltshire. Read my flash fiction story in WalkListen Create