Five of the best: homes for young families

A climbing wall, brightly hued playroom and baby ballet are keeping children amused in cheery new schemes

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Pick of the market

Three residential market leaders set out their stalls for Cheryl Markosky

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Hotspot Hounslow

Top employers, great transport links and well-priced homes. Regenerating Hounslow’s the perfect opportunity

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Five of the best: habitats for tech heads

Is your idea of a good time dismantling your toaster to see how it works? Then these new homes with plenty of gizmos might well appeal.

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First steps

Clever first-time buyers are heading for places with good growth near the capital.

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Healthy homes

Sticking to those New Year’s resolutions and keeping in shape is important for Londoners.

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Sensations of sorrel

Love it or hate it, the curiously sour taste of sorrel is one you’ll always remember. And whether it’s one of your favourite flavours – or you absolutely loathe it – it simply wouldn’t be Christmas in the Caribbean without it.

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From big smoke to big skies

Undeterred by recent earthquakes in Christchurch, Clare Murray, Oxford University music graduate and former senior lawyer at global law firm Clifford Chance, is happy she waved goodbye to London and said hello to New Zealand.

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