Living a full life

Inflation has hit a 40-year high and bills are soaring, but you can take pleasure in your retirement. Read my article in Churchill Retirement Living’s Living magazine here.

(Photo credit: Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash)

Moving house: this is why and where we bought in 2020

From how two friends bought retirement homes, to a young couple doing up a camper van and their new residence – a narrowboat – we see how people live today. Read my contributions to this article in The Times

The art of guilt-free living

Don’t blame seniors for all the woes of the young, argues Cheryl Markosky.

Read my full Living article here

A golden future: Five towns for a rewarding retirement

Those keen to live out the adage ‘life begins at retirement’ are faced with a big question: where? People want a home ­needing little maintenance, which is near shops, ­relatives and friends, ­according to a ­survey from ­retirement developer ­McCarthy & Stone.

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